Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Daily Announcements 10/31

Voyager Academy High School Daily Annoucements October 31: Happy Halloween!
  • The Spanish classes and art class will be celebrating Dias de losMuertos on November 1st and 2nd. They have built an ofrenda, (like the one in the movie Coco), to remember and celebrate loved ones who have passed on. If you would like to contribute to the display feel free to bring a photograph of a loved one who has passes and add it to the wall in the commons. If you have any questions please ask Senor Bankhead, Senor Manuel, or Senorita ClarkStover. You don't have to be in Spanish or art to participate. Any student in the school may participate in hanging pictures.
  • An admission rep. from ECU will be here Monday Nov. 5 at 10:00. This is during second period and students will need a pass to attend. Please contact Ms. O'Kane if you would like to attend. If you have applied to ECU, or are considering it, thiswould be a good meeting for you to attend. Anyone who is undecided is also encouraged to attend as well, ECU has rollingadmissions, and is very popular with the Voyager students.They offer a lot of great undergraduate and graduate programs
  • The Lost and Found will be donated to charity this Friday. Please look through it if you have lost something.
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