Monday, September 24, 2018

Daily Annoucements 9/24

Voyager Academy High School Daily Announcements September 24: 

  • See You At The Pole is this Wednesday, Sep. 26, from 8 to 8:30 AM. Come meet at the flagpole to pray for our country, our state, and our school! All are welcome!
  • This is for all student who park in the student parking lot. Repeat-this is for all students who park in the student parking lot. On Friday October 26, your vehicle must be out of the parking lot by 4:15. If you are staying after school for any activity, you may go ahead and move your vehicle to the front lot. This is because food trucks and vendors will be rolling in at that time for hte PTO Fall Festival. We hope you will come!
  • Ms. Taylor's English 1 class has designed and will be selling anti-bullying t-shirts as part of their Stand Up Speak Out Campaign. We are selling t-shirts to help raise money for Stand Up Speak Out NC, an organization created to support victims of bullying, teenage domestic violence, and sexual harrasmet. Flyers have been posted around school if you would like to see the design. Please see Ms. Taylor if you would like to purhcase a t-shirt. 
  • Jordan Driving School will be offering a driver's ed class at Voyager during Fall Break, October 8-12. Please stop by the front office to pick up more information if you are interested. Sign up deadline is September 30. 
  • Dr. Bankhead would like to give a shout out to the following of his students who have consistently, throughout the first half of this semester, demonstrated our core values: Victor Stonebreaker (for his confidence in the sense of perserverence, always trying to understand and never giving up), Jean-Carlos Castillo (for his curiosity, made evident by his perparing himself well for each class and always being able to participate effectively), Francesca Cedeno (for her empathy, shown through her appreciation of the achievements of her peers and her well wishes for people in general), Allison Gloade (for her reflection, as demonstrated by her resilience in the face of difficulties, her reflective skills always giving her the will to move forwards and continue growing despite setbacks), and Dallas Knight (for her integrity, in the sense that she is aware of what is expected of her and attempts to fill those expectations daily.)

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